About us

About us

From a young age, I have felt very passionate about the Muscle Car era, in a major part because of the 80’s TV show Dukes of Hazzard and the great General Lee.

As time went by, my love for Mustangs continued to grow but it wasn’t until my college years until I was able to have direct contact with these types of cars. One of my classmates’ father was a Mustangs collector and he used to take different Mustangs to college and that is why I started to learn more about them. 

Today Moros Classic Cars has been operating for 7 years, we continue to grow and offer our services to other classic brands.

The Mustang that impressed me the most was a ’65 black Fastback with golden stripes “GTH Model” (It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t know these specifications back then).

When I was almost about to finish college, I tried to buy my first Mustang but I was just a student and I couldn’t afford it, however I have always strived until I achieve all my goals.

Throughout the years, my passion for Mustangs continued to grow until I was able to purchase my own cars, and in no time I was able to purchase 3 Mustangs.

Evidently, my first classic was a 1964 1/2, and it was the one I drove on my wedding day. Later on, I decided to restore these cars as a hobby, although nowadays it is my actual profession. I truly feel privileged to do what I love the most by paying homage to this Pony Car.